Installation Instructions

  1. Remove oil pump bracket bolts and oil pump drive chain

  2. Break outlet pipe at top union and remove oil pump

  3. Remove original strainer and pipe from intake side of pump

  4. Remove pipe and union form Nowak Strainer Cleaning Assembly

  5. Screw Nowak pipe and union to intake side of pump

  6. Couple Nowak Strainer Cleaning Assembly to union

  7. Install new strainer cleaning assembly into machine by replacing oil pump drive chain, mounting bolts and assembling top union

  8. Provide power to line chord set as per drawing (Install in accordance with local code and NEC)

  9. Motor gear box shaft should rotate counterclockwise as viewed form top of motor





NP-207-S-510 OR NP-207-S-520







Obsolete Black Motor Wiring Diagram