NP-207-S-78-RV-10  Close Nipple 1
NP-207-S-78-RV-20  l X 1/2 X 1 Reducing Tee
NP-207-S-78-RV-30  Pipe Nipple 1 X 3-1/2
NP-207-S-78-RV-40  Street Elbow 1/2
NP-207-S-78-RV-50  Close Nipple 1/2
NP-207-S-78-RV-60  Relief Valve

Replaces  NP-207-S-78  On a Cycle Select Drive Package Equipped Machine

Installation Instructions for Coolant Pump Reverse Relief Valve on
Cycle Select Drive Package Machines

(field installation)

  1. Turn off main disconnect power to machine.
  2. Remove the coolant pump and Nowak Strainer Cleaner as an assembly.
  3. Disconnect the strainer cleaner from the coolant pump at the union on top of the screen strainer.
    be careful no to lose the nylon gasket.
  4. Look inside of the top of the screen inlet to see if the white plastic check ball is in
    place. If it is not there use the white plastic ball and retainer spring provided.
  5. Place the ball in the seat in the top of the screen. Squeeze the spring into the retainer
  6. Next remove the suction pipe from the bottom of the coolant pump.
    Remove the union from the end of the pipe.
  7. Screw the new relief valve suction pipe into the bottom of the coolant pump using the
    short nipple side as in the picture. Orient the pipe like the picture. Place the union
    back onto the new suction pipe.
  8. Tighten the whole assembly as in the picture.
  9. Reinstall into the Machine.

    Make all connections with pipe sealant.
    Valve will work automatically whenever the machine is reversed.